Real Estate Advisory

"Who are our best customers?"
"Where can we find more of them?"
"Are we in the right places now?"
Pointwise Real Estate Group helps leading retail and restaurant chains develop smart real estate strategies through our expert research and advisory services. Our primary focus is to advise retailers on how to optimize growth opportunities throughout their current and future operating territories. Our work with key industry executives, along with our intimate knowledge of shopping environments within the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and Guam, has provided us with the knowledge and expertise to help a retailer achieve maximum investor value through a well-defined, optimally positioned real estate strategy.

Research and Advisory Services

Through a tightly held group of strategic alliances and partnerships, Pointwise applies an array of modeling techniques to profile a retailer’s customers in detail. Then, using this intelligence, we determine where future customers reside in sufficient numbers to maximize the chain’s profitable growth in the highest-potential markets.

These are the main types of clients who use our real estate research and advisory services: Retail Real Estate Departments – Pointwise will work closely with you to understand your company’s real estate strategy. We will then assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current real estate holdings, analyze critical sales data, and develop the market, customer, competitor, and site profiles needed to pinpoint your best new opportunities for growth. Our goals: to help you realize the optimal value of your real estate decisions, and protect investor interest through a sound real estate strategy.

Equity Investors

Pointwise will help you better understand the growth potential of your acquisitions, and will advise you of opportunities to market your real estate holdings to other companies that may be able to derive greater value from them. You will get a complete analysis of the chain of interest, with a “hold” or “dispose” rating for each site and an assessment of the opportunity for a profitable sale.

Shopping Center Developers

Pointwise helps developers assess their development plans and determine optimal tenant build-out. We work with developers to achieve tenant commitments to centers through research that assists the retailer in better understanding the strategic opportunity represented by the development. Further, we assist developers in working with communities to win approval for center development.