Tenant Representation

"Lifestyle center or regional mall?"
"What’s best for our concept in this market?"
"How can we get the best lease terms?"
Pointwise Real Estate Group has cultivated relationships with a vast network of retail real estate professionals and enjoys in-depth knowledge of marketplaces throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Guam. We can leverage our contacts to help your retail or restaurant chain with strategic planning, lease and legal negotiations, store planning, construction, and more.

Putting Your Real Estate Strategy to Work

Our mission as tenant representatives is to help you implement your real estate strategy in an efficient and timely manner, while offering a cost-efficient alternative to an in-house real estate department. Our history of working with key executive managers allows us to understand and manage the process in ways that maximize productivity and success. You can rely on Pointwise for these specialized areas of service:

Site Selection

Our knowledge, skills, and experience in the specialized field of site selection are nationally recognized. We seek out the best locations for our clients. We maintain firsthand knowledge of most shopping venues across the country, as well as an extensive shopping center database. We are not “brokers” but rather partners looking to maintain long-term business relationships with our clients.

Lease Negotiations

By remaining current with market trends and today’s important business and legal issues, we can help retailers obtain the very best lease terms – terms that not only benefit the bottom line in the first year of the lease, but in the last year as well. Additionally, we will review and analyze your current lease holdings to identify potential savings.

Operations and Merchandising Know-How

Our knowledge of retail operations and merchandising complements our real estate expertise to help you take your growth strategy to the next level of sophistication. Not only do we evaluate potential locations on their real estate and financial merits; because of our experience, we give additional consideration to how they will satisfy your operational and merchandising needs.